“Dr. Pearlman’s book offers parenting advice that is effective in every situation. Chock-full of practical applications, this book will help you ease out of those challenging situations every parent faces.”

—Dr. Shefali Tsabary

Catherine Pearlman, PHD, LCSW

It’s Just Barbecue Sauce

Sometimes as parents we wonder what we would do for our children if given the chance. Of course I’d give an organ, arm or leg for my kids. But would I spend $25 to check an overpriced bottle of barbecue sauce at the airport? After five blissful days celebrating my...

Taking My Own Advice

  As The Family Coach it's been my mission to help families enjoy parenting more. Sometimes I'm smart enough to take my own advice. Last week we went to the fair as a family. My daughter, being a teenager, went off with a friend. That left my son, Emmett, alone...

Sexy Songs and a Son's Diary for 04/28/2018

Sexy Songs and a Son's Diary for 04/28/2018 Dear Family Coach Dear Family Coach: My 8-year-old kid loves Katy Perry songs, which are seemingly all about sex. However, we've been innocently singing along in the car and having a blast. Well, that is...

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