A Gentleman’s Club and a Homesick Camper for 07/08/2017
Dear Family Coach

Dear Family Coach: My son turns 18 in a couple of weeks, and for his birthday he asked me to take him to a strip club. I’m divorced from his mom, and he knows I go to gentleman’s clubs every so often. But this feels sort of … wrong. How should I handle this? — A Gentleman

Dear Gentleman: A gentleman? I’m not so sure. As a woman, I have a hard time with educating children to view other women solely as sex objects placed on the planet to satisfy the male sex drive. It’s true that your son is 18 and legally an adult. But you indoctrinated him into this culture years ago when you let him know of your interest in watching naked women dance around you for money.

Women have every right to make money as they so choose. But most women at that club are probably dancing because they are out of options. They may make good money, but at what cost? You didn’t mention a daughter, but if you had one, would you want her dancing for men like you? I doubt most parents dream of this life for their girls.

Updated: Sat Jul 08, 2017

A Gentleman’s Club and a Homesick Camper for 07/08/2017